about me


Born in 1976 in Bucharest, I began drawing and painting in early childhood and gradually made my way among life. From one or two years old I grabbed some pen and started on the walls. My mom placed some paper in front of me and give me the opportunity to express my visions drawing for hours. Throughout my childhood I’ll never stopped drawing, copying letters or images from beautiful russian illustration or after manga animation, made my own stories and characters and put them on paper to get life. Hours and hours of interpretation of nature , family, friends, pets, fantasy from  a world of  possibilities , stories for children , games and toys that interact with that boy I was and the man that I became.

So, the most stable thing in my life it was drawing. I was in high school of art from 1990 to 1994 and there I experienced etching, engraving , lithography, xylography, linocuting, and many other technics of graphics and graphic design in a era of early computers.After this I get involved in different jobs and projects of advertising, art production, scenography, storyboarding , illustration and things that were related.

Until 2001 I’ve been to Pro College and Fine Art University to complete my studies. I realized soon I will complete this only when it will be complete. Because it’s that something that I need to search for a lifetime and gives me the power to go on and on.

Here you will find samples of my profesional and personal work from over the years.Have a look  around and thanks for stopping by!